February 18, 2010

The Perfect Fit

Finding jeans that fit perfectly can be as hard as finding frames that suit your face. It can be a long & tiring task, and it is pretty much a process of elimination. Advice from friends may not be useful either, as they might love a certain brand which fits horribly on you. However, once you find the perfect fit, there’s nothing better! My advice is to stick with this brand, remain faithful to it and buy as many pairs as you can! I’m a massive fan of Sass & Bide jeans, especially their Strayed Misfits style – so comfy and they suit my shape perfectly! I’ve heard numerous positive statements about the below brands, so if you’re struggling to find the perfect fit, my suggestion is to start with these ones.

 Ksubi jeans appear to have a cult following, so many people rave about how amazing they are, including my brother. This Skinny Pins style looks great with heels, high tops, boots and flats, so you can’t go wrong really! I love the Uzi Blue Vein acid/marble wash colour too, so fresh & summery.

Image Source: Ksubi Skinny Pins – www.mycatwalk.com.au

Lee Licks are the hottest jeans on the market at the moment, targeted primarily at a younger audience, they are the must-have jeans of 2010. So slim fitting, so sexy, so much attitude (especially this black gloss style). I’d pretty much class these as jeggings (jean leggings), so they’re not for the faint-hearted! I like the way they’re mid-rise too, a good stepping stone to high-waisted styles.

Image Source: Lee Licks – www.leejeans.com.au

These Sass & Bide jeans are FIERCE and you know that Tyra would approve of these beasties! The Major Ray’s Lover leopard print colour is hot hot hot, and the pinstripe gold threading is even hotter! AND they even have gold zips at the bottom of the jean – meow! As well as all that, I really like this Zippora super skinny cut style...named after our talented Kiwi model Zippora Seven maybe?

Image Source: Sass & Bide (Vie) Jeans – www.mycatwalk.com.au
Proving that not only Aussies can make quality jeans, Karen Walker does us proud with a few pairs in her latest AW10 The Village Runaway collection. I really like the style of the pair below: loose fitting, dark denim, slightly short in the leg – these are the ultimate casual chic jeans. A great option for the boyfriend trend too!

Image Source: Karen Walker Jeans – www.karenwalker.com
I couldn’t leave Cheap Monday jeans off this post as they too have a cult following. I’m loving this high-waisted style, it’s the best way to avoid VPL. Eww. These Ital Stone jeans are a great colour and I can imagine them being a staple item in many a wardrobe. Hot.

Image Source: Cheap Monday Jeans – www.cheapmonday.com
I hope this helps with your quest for the perfect jeans – trust me, it’s definitely worth the hunt! By the way, the new FQ is out and it is goooodddd, check it out!

Have a good weekend my dears.

xxx L

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