February 1, 2010

Fashion in the Field

Well, the races over the weekend couldn't have been better - we had 35 degree heat, great food & wine, plus we were super close to the race track so we had a great view of everything that was going on! Below are a few snaps of the day, enjoy!

Such beautiful animals, all dolled up for the special day!

Leaning over the fence, waiting for the horse to come around the bend. I love the variety of hair styles and outifits at the races this year.

I couldn't miss Fashion in the Field! The woman in yellow won, too bad I couldn't get a better shot.

One of the great fascinators of the day, it matched her dress perfectly!

Black fascinators are great to own - they go with every outfit, plus you can wear them to more events as they're less recognisable than the brighter ones. Sneaky!

This fascinator was almost a hat, it had great coverage from the heat!

Such an outrageously pretty fascinator, it worked well with a plain dress.

Of course the heels were amazing too. Those eagle eyes of you will see my gel pads in the heels - heavenly when you have to spend a day on your feet!

Ahhh this weekend will be a blast too - we have the Sevens, an international rugby event where you get to dress up crazily and wear fun outfits. I swear I've never watched a game there before, I'm too busy admiring everyone's costumes! This year my group are Ferrari pitstop girls - come say hi if you see us!

Hope you had a fun weekend!

xxx L

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