February 25, 2010

Warning: Craving Ahead!

I've had this nagging thought in the back of my mind for a while now...a longing, a need, an itch that needs scratching if you must. I'm craving a plain, long-sleeved white shirt. A boring craving you may think, but NO! I don't just want to  wear a plain white shirt, I want to accessorise it with a beautiful scarf tied in a big feminine bow (kind of like the pictures below, but with pants and long sleeves. Or I could Gaga it up and go pantless? Hmm...maybe not). I've had this image in my mind and I CAN'T. GET. RID. OF. IT. So the only remedy is to a source a white long-sleeved shirt so that my life is complete. Well not complete (I'm not that shallow), but better. Prettier. More ohhh la la and all that.

Image Source: www.americanapparel.com  

Does anyone know where I could find such a shirt? My man's wardrobe maybe!

Happy Friday Eve!

xxx L

February 23, 2010

Beige Brigade

Didn’t you hear? Neutral is the new black! Whether it be cream, taupe, fawn, stone, nude, beige, or anything in between, neutral colours are oh so hot right now! I can’t even walk down the street without something neutral catching my eye! I mean, look at how many neutral goodies are in this post! They’re taking over! And thank god, because black is soooo 2009.

All of the items below are amazing, and I thought I’d mention some of my favs. I stumbled across this Witchery Sequin Sweater this week and instantly fell in love. I like the ¾ length sleeves and the lines upon lines of sequins. You’d be quite the nautical jazzy lady when wearing this! The Camilla and Marc Cherry Frock is just stunning. I’m loving the lace & shoulder pads, plus I like the length of the sleeves - perfect for all seasons! I really want the American Apparel Jersey Cross-V Bodysuit; I probably wouldn’t wear it like this while out & about (I won’t lie to you, I’d definitely crank this look at home), instead I’d pair it with a pretty skirt and heels. And by the way, WHEN are they opening a store here? It’s been too long! I also love the Vionnet Sculptural Silk Pants (trés garçon chic) & the Burberry Double Breasted Trench Coat (their website is amazing, check it out if you haven’t already)! Hell, I love all the pieces below, I could rant about them forever but I won’t, so happy drooling.

Image Source (from left to right): Witchery Sequin Sweater – http://www.witchery.com.au/, ASOS Multi Row Pearl Necklace & ASOS Patent Skinny Waist Belt – http://www.asos.com/, Camilla and Marc Cherry Frock – http://www.mycatwalk.com.au/, Vionnet Sculptural Silk Pants – http://www.net-a-porter.com/, Madame Hawke Cosy Cardy – http://www.rubynz.com/, OPI Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. – http://www.opi.com/, Burberry Double Breasted Trench Coat – http://www.usburberry.com/, ASOS Clutch Bag – http://www.asos.com/, American Apparel Spandex Jersey Cross-V Bodysuit – http://www.americanapparel.com/, OPI At First Sight – http://www.opi.com/ & Tony Bianco Palais Heel – www.tonybianco.com.au.

They say that you should wear neutral tones that are at least one shade lighter (or darker) than your skin colour so that you don’t take the nude look too literally. You cheeky little nudies!

Hope you’re all having a good day!

xxx L

February 18, 2010

The Perfect Fit

Finding jeans that fit perfectly can be as hard as finding frames that suit your face. It can be a long & tiring task, and it is pretty much a process of elimination. Advice from friends may not be useful either, as they might love a certain brand which fits horribly on you. However, once you find the perfect fit, there’s nothing better! My advice is to stick with this brand, remain faithful to it and buy as many pairs as you can! I’m a massive fan of Sass & Bide jeans, especially their Strayed Misfits style – so comfy and they suit my shape perfectly! I’ve heard numerous positive statements about the below brands, so if you’re struggling to find the perfect fit, my suggestion is to start with these ones.

 Ksubi jeans appear to have a cult following, so many people rave about how amazing they are, including my brother. This Skinny Pins style looks great with heels, high tops, boots and flats, so you can’t go wrong really! I love the Uzi Blue Vein acid/marble wash colour too, so fresh & summery.

Image Source: Ksubi Skinny Pins – www.mycatwalk.com.au

Lee Licks are the hottest jeans on the market at the moment, targeted primarily at a younger audience, they are the must-have jeans of 2010. So slim fitting, so sexy, so much attitude (especially this black gloss style). I’d pretty much class these as jeggings (jean leggings), so they’re not for the faint-hearted! I like the way they’re mid-rise too, a good stepping stone to high-waisted styles.

Image Source: Lee Licks – www.leejeans.com.au

These Sass & Bide jeans are FIERCE and you know that Tyra would approve of these beasties! The Major Ray’s Lover leopard print colour is hot hot hot, and the pinstripe gold threading is even hotter! AND they even have gold zips at the bottom of the jean – meow! As well as all that, I really like this Zippora super skinny cut style...named after our talented Kiwi model Zippora Seven maybe?

Image Source: Sass & Bide (Vie) Jeans – www.mycatwalk.com.au
Proving that not only Aussies can make quality jeans, Karen Walker does us proud with a few pairs in her latest AW10 The Village Runaway collection. I really like the style of the pair below: loose fitting, dark denim, slightly short in the leg – these are the ultimate casual chic jeans. A great option for the boyfriend trend too!

Image Source: Karen Walker Jeans – www.karenwalker.com
I couldn’t leave Cheap Monday jeans off this post as they too have a cult following. I’m loving this high-waisted style, it’s the best way to avoid VPL. Eww. These Ital Stone jeans are a great colour and I can imagine them being a staple item in many a wardrobe. Hot.

Image Source: Cheap Monday Jeans – www.cheapmonday.com
I hope this helps with your quest for the perfect jeans – trust me, it’s definitely worth the hunt! By the way, the new FQ is out and it is goooodddd, check it out!

Have a good weekend my dears.

xxx L

February 8, 2010

L is For the Way You Look at Me

Since Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, I thought I’d theme this post around things that remind me of this occassion – the colours red & pink, flowers, jewellery and of course, fashion! The collage below also includes things that I’ve been loving for a while, so it’s all very intertwined really.

Country Road has their new autumn range out and I’m happy to see that it includes lots of raspberry-coloured items. I’m about to purchase one of their classic merino cardies (in raspberry of course) later this week! OPI also has a new collection of shades out inspired by Hong Kong (this reddy is ‘Red My Fortune Cookie’ – cute)! They’re all very bright and oriental, go check them out! These Kathryn Wilson heels are not only stunning, but practical too. I hear some of you shaking your heads in disagreement, but hear me out – the pink strap around the ankle helps to support the foot while it’s in the heel, making these shoes gorgeous AND comfy. You’re not shaking your heads now are you. Nude Footwear brings out amazing heels time and time again, so I couldn’t not include a pair in this post. And even though it’s still nice and warm outside, these Ruby & Madame Hawke coats kind of make me wish it was a bit cooler so I could have an excuse to wear them... kind of.

The rest of the items in this collage are amazing too, but so I don’t bore you with too many words, I’ll finish off this post by discussing my favourite item in it – the Karen Walker oval pink coral & diamond cocktail ring. I love this ring, it’s so loud and vibrant and I’m really crushing on gold jewellery at the moment. This would be a GREAT Valentine’s Day gift and would look oh so nice on my fingers...hint hint, nudge nudge M. Maybe you ladies should direct your men to this post too, I’m sure you’d love something from below as a gift!

Image Source (clockwise from top left): Vibrant Raspberry Body-Con Jersey Dress – http://www.countryroad.com.au/, Kathryn Wilson Khouri Heel – http://www.kathrynwilson.com/, Lancome Fraise Juicy Tube – http://www.lancome.co.uk/, Ruby Angels Coat – http://www.rubynz.com/, OPI Red My Fortune Cookie – http://www.opi.com/, Karen Walker Cocktail Ring – http://www.karenwalkerjewellery.com/, American Apparel Thick-Knit Jersey Skirt – http://www.americanapparel.com/, Napoleon Love Bite Lip Plump – http://www.napoleonperdis.com/, Madame Hawke Pony Jacket – http://www.rubynz.com/, OPI Shorts Story – http://www.opi.com/, Starfish Bow Slip – http://www.starfish.co.nz/, Nude Lily T-Bar Heels – www.nudefootwear.co.nz.

Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone – whether you’re spending it with your lover, your friends or your family. I’m lucky enough to be having two Valentine’s Day dinners this year, one on Saturday with my closest girlfriends and one on Sunday with my M. Can’t wait!

Bisous xxx L

February 1, 2010

Fashion in the Field

Well, the races over the weekend couldn't have been better - we had 35 degree heat, great food & wine, plus we were super close to the race track so we had a great view of everything that was going on! Below are a few snaps of the day, enjoy!

Such beautiful animals, all dolled up for the special day!

Leaning over the fence, waiting for the horse to come around the bend. I love the variety of hair styles and outifits at the races this year.

I couldn't miss Fashion in the Field! The woman in yellow won, too bad I couldn't get a better shot.

One of the great fascinators of the day, it matched her dress perfectly!

Black fascinators are great to own - they go with every outfit, plus you can wear them to more events as they're less recognisable than the brighter ones. Sneaky!

This fascinator was almost a hat, it had great coverage from the heat!

Such an outrageously pretty fascinator, it worked well with a plain dress.

Of course the heels were amazing too. Those eagle eyes of you will see my gel pads in the heels - heavenly when you have to spend a day on your feet!

Ahhh this weekend will be a blast too - we have the Sevens, an international rugby event where you get to dress up crazily and wear fun outfits. I swear I've never watched a game there before, I'm too busy admiring everyone's costumes! This year my group are Ferrari pitstop girls - come say hi if you see us!

Hope you had a fun weekend!

xxx L