January 26, 2010

You Fascinate Me!

With the races coming up this weekend, there is a lot of talk about what people are going to wear, and most importantly, what they’re going to wear on their heads. Fascinators allow you to go over the top & all out, without looking like a clown. They’re a great way to lose your fashion inhibitions and dress more outrageously than you normally would. I have a random variety of fascinators for you to look over; some are quite out there, while others are less in-your-face.

This ‘Viola’ fascinator is quite fun and racer-y. It only has a few pieces to it, but it’s still a stunning accessory and I like the fact that it has two block colours in it. You’d have to be careful with this one though, to make sure that you didn’t take someone’s eye out or knock it off your head while walking through a doorway!

The ‘Freya’ fascinator would be a good option if you were new to adorning your head with wacky objects, plus it would go with every outfit as it’s black. The flower is quite feminine, while the veil gives an element of mystique. Nice.

This next one is handy, as it’s quite stunning without being too showy. I like the looped pieces of material combined with the feathers and I think that the colour combination is very elegant. I also like how it’s a bit different as you wear it on the side of your head, rather than in the middle.

Image Source: www.hatsfromoz.co.nz

Unlike the options above, this baby is loud and proud! I love the big flower, plus the wild feathers arching around the piece like rays from the sun. I rate the fact that it’s a headband rather than a clip attachment, as it would be more comfortable to wear. I also like the model’s facials, she’s ready for some race day frolicking that’s for sure!

Yes eager eyes, I know that this ISN’T a fascinator, but it’s so delightful that I couldn’t NOT put it in my fascinator post. This is a mini-top hat, or a mini-topper if you will (cutest name ever, I know)! I love the androgynous style that these mini-toppers create, plus I really like how it’s sneakily pretending to be a fascinator with the feathers & veil. It’s quite Broadway musical meets burlesque dancer – hot.

Image Source: www.minitophat.com

Now like a true girl, I have no idea what dress I’m wearing to the races yet, but I have picked out my race day fascinator. And if you’re lucky, I may even show you pictures next week of the outfits that my race-day goers & I wear.
I hope wherever you are you have some races to look forward to! Don’t forget, you can be as daring as you want with fascinators, that’s the whole point of them. And c’mon, it’s race day, it’d be RUDE not to.

xxx L

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