January 11, 2010

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you managed to sneak away and get some sun! I managed to get a week’s worth of rays up north, so relaxing! Speaking of sun, I hope you all protected your wee heads with a stylish sun hat...ohhh and fancy that, there are some pretty hat options below! Sun hats have definitely upped their game over the past decade, maybe due to the fact that there’s more emphasis on sun protection, or maybe because fashion houses are expanding their lines from clothing to accessories etc as well.

As normal, I have two options for you to peruse over – the classic option and the more unique option. Let’s start with le classique! This Huffer hat is one that I have drooled over in Area 51 for a while now as it’s so simple & stunning, plus it suits both girls and guys. It looks great at the beach or while bopping around in town, plus it comes in a variety of colours. Next, the Malindi hat is a classic beach beauty and provides you with great sun coverage! It would look stunning with oversized black sunnies, gold jewellery and a one piece – tres tres chic mademoiselle! Trilby hats are all the rage and it’s easy to see why, they look great on a variety of people, they can be dressed up or down and similar to the Huffer hat, they suit both genders. The Reiss Medoc hat seems almost dressy to me, I can picture an indie corporate guy pulling this hat off with a summer suit. Hot.

Image Source: Huffer Check Tracey Hat – www.huffer.co.nz, Malindi Wide Hat – www.westfield.com.au & Reiss Medoc Trilby Hat – www.asos.com

Some of you will recognise this first hat from Karen Walker’s runway models. I don’t know how practical this hat would be, but it would definitely get you noticed! Just don’t walk under low ceilings while wearing this! The bowler hat seems quite alternative to me, which I like. I have a close friend who pulls off the bowler hat with many different outfits, if only we could all be as stylish as Miss Young.

Image Source: Karen Walker Straw Hat - http://www.maximillia.com/ & ASOS Bowler Hat – www.asos.com
Lots of stores are stocking summer hats at the moment – check out Glassons and Red Current especially for some great deals! I recently purchased a terracotta wide-brimmed sun hat and it has already served me well on several occasions! Also, a great way to jazz up your hats (or alter their look slightly) is to tie a pretty scarf around them.

What style hat have you guys been wearing this summer? Are you a classic wide brimmed hat kinda girl, or do you rock the bowler hat?

xxx L

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