January 20, 2010

I Spy With My Little Eye

Ahhh summer...bronzed bodies, sexy swimwear, hot havianas and of course, stylish sunnies. I’m always amazed (and somewhat impressed) about how sunglasses can change a whole person’s look and style in a matter of seconds. Some people look elegant & classy with their big Jackie O frames, while others look trendy & street with their structured square lenses. I had SO MUCH fun finding a variety of sunnies for this post, and frankly I’m not doing the selections justice at all. There are just so many sunglasses to choose from at the moment, with a wide variation of styles, colours, shapes and even prices. Yesterday I caught up with my girls for F&C’s on the beach (summer in a nutshell) and my darling little S had a stunning pair of trendy shades that she’d picked up for only $20! Bargain!

I’ve admired Karen Walker’s eyewear range for a while, the shapes are so unique and I love the way they’re modelled each season (look at this chick’s fangs, she’s so up with the vampire-trend isn’t she)! This ‘Deep Freeze’ style is in a sexy torte colour and would suit most face shapes I imagine. As an aside, is it me or does the model remind you of Whitney Port? For those of you who don’t know Whitney, shame on you (slash you obviously have a social life haha)!

Ksubi is another brand that cranks out amazing shades each summer and this season is no different. This pair is from the Bookclub 2010 range and they’re super stylish – I’m loving the tortoiseshell colour too (you’ll see this colour theme throughout the post, it wasn’t on purpose, promise)! Again, I’m loving the lookbook campaign used here, so originale!

Image Source: www.ksubi.com/eyewear

These circular friends are the ‘Bogangles’ style from Le Specs, another great sunglass manufacturer. They’re circular, stripey and oh so quirky! Very Gaga-esque, she’d rock these puppies for sure!

Image Source: Le Specs Bogangles Sunglasses - www.lespecs.com.au, Lady Gaga – www.sugarscape.com

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard of Ray-Ban, these sunnies are everywhere! This wayfarer style is classic Ray-Ban, however this pattern is not so much. From the Rare Prints range, the ‘Flowers’ pattern would brighten up an already sunny sunny day. They remind me of hippies too, maybe because of the pattern and colour.

Image Source: www.ray-ban.com

Ohhhh these last ones I almost don’t want to share with you as I want them all to myself. I ADORE these sunnies, I LONG FOR these sunnies, I really really really want to OWN these sunnies. Although I may never take them off if I did. Not even to shower. Or to sleep. Let me introduce them to you - Von Zipper Manchu sunnies, meet my faithful blog readers; readers, meet my dream sunglasses. These sunnies have everything - stylishness, classiness, edginess, amazingness. Obsessed much? Yes, yes I am.

Image Source: www.au.vonzipper.com

So what type of sunglasses are you rocking this summer? Are you drooling after a certain pair at the moment, or is that just me?

xxx L

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