December 30, 2010

Happy NYs Dolls!

To all my friends, family, loved ones and readers...

Have a fabulous New Year celebration, wherever you are and whoever you're with. Let's bring in the new year with style!

This is a little taste of my NY outfit...

Here's to a devine 2011!

Much love.

xxx L

December 21, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is You

So I lied to you, there's not going to be a post about cruise wear. I was meant to be on a beautiful Caribbean cruise right now, but due to the snowfest that is London, two of my flights were cancelled and all the flights were booked until the last day of my cruise. So I'm stuck in the snow and can't bear the thought of posting about beautiful cruise goods. So you might have to wait until next year for that post sorry.

Instead, I'll do a classic Christmas wish list post! The items that I would LOVE to have at the moment, if someone felt so inclined to gift them to me!

Fashion Fare's version of the Christmas stocking - a beautiful Miu Miu bag. This Matelassé leather bag from the new collection is a classic and would work well with any outfit. I keep spying people on the tube with wee Miu Miu's and I can't help thinking how good one would look on my arm. Santa, are you listening?
Miu Miu 
Image Source: Miu Miu Matelassé Leather Bag - www.net-a-porter.com

The start of the year isn't complete without a brand new, clean & fresh diary. And I'm not talking your boring run of the mill diaries...oh no, I want one from the beautiful Under Cover range. Made from compact recycled leather, these sweeties aren't just green, but they also come in a range of chic colours, fit in your new Miu Miu bag and you can personalise them too! Stationery never looked hotter.

Image Source: Compact Recycled Leather Diary - www.undercoveruk.com

My sunnies recently broke on me, so I'm definitely in need of a new pair. I fell in LOVE with Karen Walker's latest range before I left NZ, and I still can't stop thinking about them. I think it's time that Santa invested in a pair for me!

Image Source: Karen Walker Number One - www.eyegoodies.com

As much as I love my extensive nail polish selection, I feel like it's lacking in a greige colour. The combination of grey and beige is perfect for this time of year, and no-one does this shade better than Chanel. Pop one into my stocking would you dear?

Image Source: Chanel Particulière - www.wow.ie

Prancing around like a reindeer at Christmas is no fun, unless you're wearing some pretty shoes! These sultry suede numbers from Donna Karan are perfect for Christmas festivity! I love the soft tones of these shoes, and the fact that they're wedges means you could dance around all night!

Image Source: Donna Karan Lace-up Suede Wedges -

I hope your sack is big enough for all of these goodies Santa! You're a doll.

Have a great Christmas everyone, wherever you may be!

xxx L

December 14, 2010

Snow Boots For Show!

So word on the street (slash in the Evening Standard) is that we're meant to get another dump of snow later in the week. I hate the thought of snow boots (those heinous ones you saw people wearing when skiing in the 80s), and I hate the thought of wearing gumboots out and about (seriously people do that here...wear gumboots...to cafes...in Soho...as if it's normal!), so I found some boots that'll conquer the snow while still looking super alpine chic.

They're beautiful booties from the Melissa shoes range, designed by Vivienne Westwood! Waterproof, sturdy soles and oh so fashionable! Tres chic, non?

Image Source: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa, Womens Bow Bootie Black Boots - www.vanmildert.com 

Now hopefully the snow won't prevent my flight from leaving London for my Caribbean cruise this weekend! And yes, there will be a post on cruise wear before I go...

xxx L

December 6, 2010

Alpine Chic

This seems to be my theme for buying clothes at the moment - alpine chic (AC for short). Though I don't live in an alpine area (even though it feels cold enough sometimes), I seem to feel the need to stock up on AC goodies. Maybe I'm preparing myself for visiting my boyfriend in Austria if he gets ski season work, or, maybe I just like pretending I'm a ski bunny...wearing AC clothing, drinking mulled wine, visting Christmas markets, being very fabulous, darrrllling.

So here's my latest AC purchase. I love it. I got mine from a mountain sports store, but I've just seen that you can buy it from ASOS too. ASOS and I clearly think alike! This AC item is so snuggly & soft, it fits perfectly and it's machine washable (how practical)! I've been wearing it around London, protecting my wee ears from the winter chill and I bet it'll look great in Seefeld, Austria if I end up that way these holidays!

 Image Source: Barts Deluxe Winter Faux Fur Headband - www.asos.com

(That model is very Taylor Mosmen isn't she? Or have I just been watching too much GG this week?)

So with this, my gilet and my new H&M snowflake-patterned knee high socks, I'm turning into quite the alpine chic-ess. Now all I need is some slopes and a snowboard! 

Ohhh better run, it's time for an après-ski mulled wine!

xxx L

November 26, 2010

Ideal Much?

How COOL are these gloves from the V & A Museum shop? They have little tappy tappy tips on the fingers so that you can keep snug while using your phone or iPod! SOOOOO clever! And just what I was discussing earlier...they read my mind! At only £28 they're a bargain, plus they come in three colours - the choice is yours! Yet another reason why I love the V&A.

Image Source: www.stylist.co.uk

Rumour is there'll be snow in London town tomorrow, eeehhh! Excitement much!

xxx L

November 20, 2010

Winter Woes

So I've realised that travelling from winter to winter isn't so ideal.

A - It's cold.

B - I am so pale that I may turn translucent.

C - I am lacking in vitamin D.

D - London winter is colder than Wellington winter.

E - London autumn feels like Wellington winter.

F - Shit.

So to entertain myself and to cheer myself up before winter really gets into the swing of things over here (and to turn a blind eye to the fact that a great summer festival, Toast Martinborough, was on this weekend back home), I've come up with a survival list for myself for winter. Hmm make that a dream winter wardrobe list. Because I can survive without these items for winter, but I'd prefer not to. Yes yes, I'm materialistic, but aren't all Gen Y's?

Anyway, see my survival dream winter wardrobe below...

A cute hat is a MUST for winter as it helps to keep wintery rain & wind at bay, while helping to complete that winter chic look. This hat from Zara is oh so comfy (I may have tried it on the other day), plus the colour is so hot right now, as we already know! This hat reminds me of something that a close friend of mine would wear...don't you just love it Miss Zwimpfer?

Image Source: Hat with Side Bow - www.zara.com

It's hard to wear skirts or dresses as it gets colder, due to the fact that your legs aren't really protected from the elements with your standard opaque tights on. These snuggly darlings are super warm (as they're part wool), and they're super trendy! Wear them with nude or sheer black tights underneath, and you'll have that trendy winter look down in no time at all! I bought myself a pair this week and can definitely see them becoming a winter staple! Now I just need to hold myself back from buying all the colours in the range!

Image Source: Cable over the Knee Socks - www.topshop.com

For some reason I have a massive craving at the moment to purchase a checkered shirt like the one below and wear it completely buttoned up with a sleek black high-waisted skirt. I don't know where this craving came from but I like it! Pairing different fabrics together like this always works well as it creates a juxtaposition within your outfit. Plus it helps to portray your individual style! Maybe I'll have to pur-chase this wee number! Farmer meets city slicker, here I come!

Image Source: Handwoven Cotton Slim Fit Check Shirt - www.asos.com

I wish I'd never been introduced to Reiss...no, I don't mean that...but I kind of do. This store has such beautiful clothing (kind of Moochi-esque), and every time I visit it, I come out of the store wanting EVERYTHING! I especially want this gorgeous grey marle & black jersey - it's a classic winter staple, with a little twist due to the black panel detailing. Beautiful.

Image Source: Malin Panelled Knit Jumper - www.reissonline.com

I have many gloves already for winter, but I couldn't help to notice these 'palm warmers' in Topshop the other day. I love the earthy colour, mixed with the cable knit, plus the freedom of your fingers while wearing them - there's nothing worse than trying to use your iPod whilst wearing full-fingered gloves! They have a great range of cosy gloves in Topshop Man too fyi, I was tempted to buy some of the boys' styles as well!

Image Source: Cable Palm Warmer - www.topshop.com

And last but not least, the pièce de résistance, the main thing that I need want for my winter wardrobe are these. The DEVINE Wentworth, by Kurt Geiger booties. Fierce, yet snug. Sturdy, yet feminine. Mine, yet not...(yet). People keep teasing me about how cold it gets here in winter, and how it snows up to your eyeballs, and how you need to wear heinous gumboots to survive. LIES I say! These babies will take me through winter, snow and beyond! I could probably even trek up to the top of Mt Everest in these if I wanted! Gumboots...pff. Next thing they'll be telling me to wear Uggs! (P.S - Jimmy Choo, how could you design for Ugg? I thought you had standards!)

Image Source: Wentworth Boots - www.kurtgeiger.com

Righto so now that my winter wardrobe list is sorted, I'm set for winter! Now all I need to do is buy these things and I'll be laughing all the way to spring!

Hope all is well, whatever season you're enjoying at the moment!

xxx L

November 7, 2010

Camel + Cape = Couture Craze!

So I was going to focus this post on camel coats, but when I started looking for images, I realised that this trend is primarily saturated by one type of coat in particular - the cape. So I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone and do a post on TWO hot trends of the moment! Camel is everywhere. Capes are everywhere. If Alice the camel had a cape, she’d be one stylish mumma. I’ve picked a selection of camel capes, or cc’s for short (mmmm cc’s!), that are available in the high street stores this season...see below!

I’m really loving French Connection at the moment…I’d never really known that much about this brand as they aren’t prominent in NZ, but man, they have some SWEET clothes. I may do a post on French Connection later, but for the moment, let’s talk about this beauty below. I love the collar on this cape - so good for keeping your neck warm as the weather gets cooler…like today, brrr! I also really like the dominant buttons and subtle trim detailing – these little touches really make this cape stand out from other plain plain varieties that are around at the mo.

All Hours Mid Cape - frenchconnection comAll Hours Mid Cape – www.frenchconnection.com

By now you probably know that I’m a mass fan of ASOS. They have such beautiful clothes each season, that are so on trend, that it’s hard NOT to love them! Take this image below for example, it ticks all the fashion boxes:
  • Trendy style– tick.
  • Hot colour – tick.
  • Simple yet beautiful trim – tick.
  • Quirky duffle-esque toggles – tick.
  • Good ideas for what to wear the cape with – tick.
  • Making me want to buy the cape and the snow bunny headband – tick, Tick, TICK!
ASOS Contrast Trim Cape - asos comASOS Contrast Trim Cape – www.asos.com

This cape from Miss Selfridge has a military feel to it – sharp collar, lapel detailing and functional pockets. You could go to war in this baby…fashion war that is! I can imagine wearing this with a beautiful long-sleeved red cashmere top, ohhhh darrllliiinnggg how fabulous you’d look indeed!

Camel Cape - missselfridge com

Topshop is just ridiculous. The site is amazing and you can spend many an hour on it. The store is crazy busy and there is just SO. MUCH. TO SEE. The brains behind that store must be rubbing their hands in glee at its success! And I hear they’ve opened a store in Wellington, nice! This cape is everything you’d expect from dear Topshop – trendy, chic, gorgeous styling, need I say more? And they just launched the new Kate Moss range too…dangerous!

Ultimate Military Cape - topshop com
Ultimate Military Cape – www.topshop.com

So, the zip on my winter duffle coat broke off the other day…I got it made when I was in Hoi An and paid a total of like US$50 for it, so it should have totally lasted forever! Haha! So obvisouly I’m seeing this as a convenient sign from the fashion gods to buy myself one of these pretties above…how ideal!

Love to you all my dears!

xxx L

P.S – If you are from a fashion magazine / company, and you love my work & want to hire me, feel free! I’m tiring of the London job hunt and would love to do more than window shopping! Call me!

October 28, 2010

Love at First Sight

Sometimes, fate just hands you an amazing deck of cards. Like when you're holidaying in Florence with your Mum, and you just happen to have a few spare hours for shopping before your train to Cinque Terre. And then you stumble across an amazing store like Dixie. And then you spot, out of the corner of your eye, the best item of clothing you've seen all trip. It's so unique, so soft, so special, so warm, so chic, so perfect for the coming season, so YOU. Plus, your Mum owes you a birthday present, so it's so free. BONUS!

Some might say it was meant to be...

xxx L

October 20, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

I write this blog while eating some delissimo Whittakers dark caramel chocolate, which I probably shouldn't have, as I've already had some sweet treats today. But sweet food, like chocolate, is one of my guilty pleasures. Which is topical, as this post is all about those guilty pleasures that we love in life. Sneaking that extra piece of chocolate, watching the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (I may have also watched a few episodes of this tonight!), or buying that spur-of-the-moment purchase.

I did that today. I had an hour between interviews and decided to check out the latest offerings in Zara. I primarily went in there to look for coporate gear, as I have a severe lack of anything corporate in my wardrobe, due to my last job being quite a casual affair. Which is not ideal when hunting for things to wear for all of these interviews (oh life of a job hunter). So I went into Zara, pottered around and then somehow found myself walking out of the store with these (in berry). Woops.

Image Source: www.zara.com

In my defense, I HAD been looking for suede wedges (without the cork heel) for a while...AND these were quite cheap...AND they're suitable for a corporate attire...AND...I'm worth it!

Now aren't these reasons enough?

I hope you all have a week filled with guilty pleasures! Love to you all!

xxx L

October 14, 2010

Riding My Way Into European Fashion!

Wooaaahhhh.....woooaaahhhh....wwoooaahhhhh there Bessie!

Oh, didn't I tell you? Yeah, I'm a professional horse rider now. How did I become one I hear you ask? Oh, well I just bought a pair of riding breeches from Zara in gay Pareeee and then VOILA! Professional horse rider at your service. Make that professional FRENCH horse rider! I mean, I did buy the pants in France after all! Here they are, the photos don't really do them justice. They're super comfy, are the best length (ankelets are oh so hot right now), they have leather appliques on the inner knees, they're versatile black and they have cute button detailing. Plus they're kinda high waisted...so that's like heaps of hot trends all rolled into one. How economical!

Image Source: www.zara.com

I must have a thing for leather / suede detailing right now, as these pants seem part of the same family as the tights from my last post!

Right must jet, I have to add my new profession to my CV and then I gotta take ol' Bessie out for a canter around my fancy British mansion. Turrah!

xxx L

October 4, 2010


Dear Fashion Guardian Angel,

Since I've been a really good girl this year, can you please get someone to gift these ASOS Suedette Patch Leggings to me? I think they'd really suit my personal style and would help me to be a better person in this world. I don't think that I can live without them now.

Image Source - www.asos.com

Much appreciated FGA. You're a doll.

xxx L

The Saints Show that White is Right!

Ahhh long time no post, sorry, the stresses of travelling around Europe! Hah! I'm back to reality now though, am currently based in London, looking for a job. So if you know of any vacancies, let me know! But enough about that, let's get down to business! Over the last wee while I've been debating the status of white jeans in the fashion world. Initially my first reaction was, ewww no way! White jeans are so trashy, they go hand-in-hand with VPLs! But then I realised that I was thinking about white PANTS, you know those tight and heinous ones seen on the less classy ladies around town, paired with the clearly visible g-string - ick. So yes, initially the combination of white and pants freaked me out.

But then I started seeing classy people around me wearing gorgeous white jeans, looking oh so chic and French! I spyed some beauties on Regent St and thought, may as well try them on. Just to see. Just to sneak a peak and see if they looked hot. Or not. And they actually looked pretty good! Beautiful quality, skinny leg darlings, from a great store called All Saints. See below for yourself!

Image Source: www.allsaints.com

Asides from an amazing denim range, All Saints has some pretty stunning clothes. What a great find! Plus they have great decor in every store (I may have been in a few now) - here's a pic I snapped when I was in one...

Pretty cool huh? So what are your thoughts on white jeans? I'm interested to hear!

I hope you're all having a fab time wherever you are! And if you're on the job hunt like me, I feel your pain peeps.

xxx L

September 6, 2010

Father, I Have Sinned...

I have a confession to make...I cheated on OPI and now I have a new favourite nail polish brand - ESSIE! I heard that this polish was good and in competition with OPI, so I had to try it for myself. When I was in Vancouver I stumbled upon a colour that I kept reading about in blogs, so I snapped it up right away. From the Resort Collection, the shade turquoise & caicos is so delicious and summery. Reminsicent of beautiful European beaches and warm summer days, it looks great on - especially with a tan! Plus it lasted a LOT longer than OPI - it was still looking super fresh and new after a whole week. I was impressed! I AM impressed!

Image Source: www.apothica.com

Buy one for yourself today, they have a new Fall Collection out too which looks sublime!

Hope all is well wherever you are my dears! I'm in the city of love and am loving every minute of it! The French sure know how to dress well!

xxx L

August 24, 2010

Love You Long Time!

Hey there! So sorry for the lack of posts lately, it's been a busy couple of weeks! I finished up at work & moved out of my apartment the other week and then started off on my OE last week so I've been frantico! I'm currently in Seattle (home of Grey's Anatomy!) and am soon to be heading around New York, Canada, London and Europe...I'll try to find time to post during the next month but I can't lie, I may be too swept away in my holiday to blog!

Love you all!

xxx L Dreamy

P.S - Have you seen the cool BYS nail polish colours in House of G lately, loving the peach and aqua shades!

August 6, 2010

Comfortable Companions

Fashion and comfort are sometimes two words which don't sit well together, but I'm going to defy the rules and talk about comfort clothing today. I've had a pretty rough week - with surgery and the passing of one of my most admired family members - so I've been in much need of some comfy items. Let's be honest, some of your most favourite comfy clothes are often ones that you wouldn't be seen dead in outside of your own home - the worn & tatty baggy tee, the much faded pj pants, or the pair of trackies (or greys) that you've had since the '90s. My friends & family often tease me as most of my "comfy" clothing is still pretty modern or trendy. For example, I don't own a pair of trackpants (sorry Courts), instead I have harem pants for mooching around the house in. Below are some of my fave comfort gears which have helped me to get through the week...

My Huffer hoodie - this snuggly darling has got me through many hungover Sundays, quiet Friday nights-in, or sick days on the couch with my SATC dvds. Mine is similar to the one below, but is a beautiful grey marle.

Image Source: www.huffer.co.nz

My harem pants - I found these at a cute boutique in Wanaka and almost didn't buy them. Thank god I did, as they definitely have a low CPW. Perfect for long-haul flights, moving flats (I'll be wearing them for that task this weekend) and recovering from having four wisdom teeth removed.

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

My PJ pants - I love changing into my Peter Alexander feather PJ pants after a hard day at work. It's the perfect way to relax and unwind. Mine are like the ones below but are pink & yellow...like a pretty bird!

My hooded dressing gown - I have two dressing gowns, one fancy and one casual. My fancy one from Kirks is a crisp white (like the ones you get in swanky hotels), so I can only wear it when not eating or wearing makeup. My other one was a gift from a close friend and it is so perfect for lazing about in...hot pink and with a hood, it is so perfect for me. It's similar to the image below, but without the Tinkerbell detailing.

Image Source: www.missimo.com

My slippers - I'm an avid slipper wearer and I wear these 99% of the time when I'm at home. My Peter Alexander ones are so devine, like pretty little gold flats with pink bows, they look dressy while being oh so comfy.

I hope you all had a better week than I did, but if not, I hope you had some comfy classics to get you through.

Have a superb weekend you little monsters.

xxx L

July 26, 2010

Extravagant Extraordinaire!

As promised, here are some photos from my EXTRAVAGANT party on Sat - thanks to everyone who came, you all looked amazing and I love you for that! Veuve, you especially!

Extravagant Platter Club

Can't wait for the next dress-up party - the location will most likely be in Europe! How fabulous!

xxx L Gaga


I borrowed a friend's lippy in the weekend for my dress-up party and I loved it so much that I popped out at lunch today and bought it. Going along with the current lipstick trend, the Revlon matte range is pretty impressive and not too pricey either. I got 'Pink Pout' today for only $23.99 - bargain! Thanks for the inspiration Christie!

Image Source: Revlon Pink Pout Lipstick - www.images.buzzillions.com

I'll put up some pics from the party later on - such great EXTRAV fashions to see!

xxx L

July 20, 2010

Where There Are Friends, There Is Wealth

I received the best surprise last night – an unexpected gift that would make any girl swoon. My darling friends gifted me a beautiful bottle of Veuve Clicquot! I’m throwing an EXTRAVAGANCE-themed leaving party this weekend (as I head on my OE in one month today) and my sweet friends thought that I needed something extravagant to drink while throwing such an event! What beauties.

My precious

Now all I need to do is find a suitably-extravagant costume! I’m thinking Vegas show girl with big feathers, or maybe Gaga...but am I brave enough to wear just a leotard? Only time will tell!

Merci beaucoup mes beaux amies – Little J, Bella, Lizzie, Maysibelle, Mala, Anna, Raja, Katty & Sezzy – you made my week! Je coeur.

Have a beautiful day everyone, I hope you are lucky enough to have such amazing friends too.

xxx L Clicquot

July 15, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, a girl couldn't buy designer clothes online. Once upon a time, a girl couldn't buy discounted designer clothes online. Once upon a time, a girl couldn't do much. But now we have ONCE'IT! This site is great, it has such fab short-term sales on designer brands! I heart. It's like 1-day, but for fashion! All you have to do is sign up to the site and then you can get sweet deals to your heart's desire! Recently they've had amazing designer offers, such as Kathryn Wilson & Saben!

Below is one of the deals that I'm pretty interested in! I love this perfume, but as I'm travelling soon, I think the three perfumes that I have already are enough!

Image Source (for all images): www.onceit.co.nz

Hope you get some good bargains kids!

xxx L

July 8, 2010

Urban Retreat

Ohhh a little bird just told me that Urban Outfitters now ship to NZ - how exciting! I've been checking out their website this morning and am pretty much falling in love with everything that I see! Below are some of my fav items...there are just so many more that I could have added here, this site is amazing.

Urban Renewal Open Back Floral Dress

BDG Ankle Skinny Jean

Braided Wooden Bead Headwrap

Deena & Ozzy Ludlow Oxford

Sparkle & Fade Ringmaster Blazer

UO Heart Tights

Cooperative Silk Bow Front Dress

Pins and Needles Overdyed Heathered Ruffle Cami

Urban Renewal Gauze Bubble Short

Urban Renewal Lace Collar Frock

All Images From - www.urbanoutfitters.com

Drool, I could continue posting amazing images from this site all day, but I won't...

Have a fab weekend!

xxx L