December 24, 2009

Get your passport and your bikini, you need a holiday, come see me!

With Christmas and summer holidays knocking at the day, I thought it was the perfect time to discuss swimwear with you all. One pieces are quite popular at the moment, much to the delight of those wanting to hide their belly. Bikinis are still as popular as ever and there is an amazing variety of styles and colours to choose from.

We all know what standard bikinis look like, so this selection is a little bit different. This navy blue Goddess bikini is the most simple of the lot, but it has a beautiful top which I thought was worth sharing with you all. It's quite similar to those nice Country Road singets which had the bow front. The next bikini has a strapless top with cute frilled detailing. I also love the colour, so summery! Before hunting down images for this blog, I didn't realise that Victoria's Secret did swimwear - and my, what a range they have! The ABS Ruffle bikini is so cute and I wish I owned it. Both the floral pattern and the ruffle detailing are very feminine...plus the top detailing is a great way to hide a small bust. Sneaky AND chic! Too bad we don't all have a body like Miranda Kerr to make our bikinis look THIS amazing! I adore the back detailing on the next VS bikini top, not so great for tan lines, but it looks way better than all the straps that are normally dangling around aimlessly.

Image Source: Goddess Halter and Tide Side & Matt Mini-Tube and Hipster with Frill - www.seafolly.com.au, ABS Ruffle Sliding Halter Top & Very Sexy Twist-Back Halter Top with Ruched-Waist Scoop Bottom - www.victoriassecret.com

I really want to invest in a one piece, they'd be so perfect when you really don't feel up to wearing a bikini. A good friend of mine has this Harbourside one piece and it looks amazing on! Very 1920s, with the white ties and sweet faux pockets. The next piece from Jets is very tropical, with floral patterns and ruffle detailing, perfect from those island holidays. This maillot from Seafolly is pretty simple, but the frill down the middle, plus the low neckline makes it a bit more special. The final maillot is a bit hoochie with the hips showing. It looks like a standard bikini from the back, so this is another sneaky sneaky style!

Image Source: Harbourside One Piece & Etheral One Piece - www.jets.com.au, Matt Frill Front Maillot & Matt Bandeau Maillot - www.seafolly.com.au

Which do you prefer - bikinis, one-pieces or a different style entirely?

Happy holidays everyone, I hope you get some great deals in the Boxing Day sales!

xxx L

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  1. Very cute bikinis! I love the blue VS bikini. The one pieces are also very nice looking.