November 3, 2009

Scarf Me Up!

Silk scarves are a great fashion accessory – they’re cheap, versatile and classic. Any age can get away with wearing scarves, without looking like mutton dressed as lamb, or vice versa. The key is how to wear them to suit your style, personality and outfit. There are so many variations on how to tie a scarf (too many to discuss here), so I’ve mentioned some of my fave ways below.


Image Source: Karen Walker - www.30daysoffashionandbeauty.co.nz, Audrey Hepburn - www.greatmodernpictures.com

There are several ways to tie a scarf in which I’d call ‘classic’. Think Jackie O, Audrey Hebpurn, Greta Garbo - the elegant ladies of days past. It’s clear that this style is more mature & even more formal than the ones I’ve mentioned below. Karen Walker perfects this classic style, adding a preppy element by wearing her knotted scarf with a v-neck jersey. Audrey Hepburn’s look is very chic, especially with the addition of the big black sunnies that she’s about to put on. I picture myself wearing this style while being whisked away in a convertible to an expensive location by my lover (take note M)!


Image Source: Triangle scarf - www.asos.com, Bandana scarf - Manning a la Mode

This style is more laid back, think effortless chic. Tying the scarf around your neck loosely so that there is a triangle of material on your chest is a simple and easy way to dress up an outfit. Especially if you suffer from the syndrome of wearing all black (you know who you are), a colourful scarf tied like this is a great look. I like to wear my scarves this way, and sometimes I pull the triangle so that it sits on my shoulder (rather than my chest), as it’s easy to alter this style depending on your mood. I’m also a big fan of wearing the scarf wrapped around my head like a bandana – great for avoiding the frizz on those semi-rainy days. FYI, all of the styles that I’ve mentioned so far require square shaped scarves, rather than the thin rectangular ones, as they all need lots of material to work with.


Image Source: Bow head scarf - www.fashion-accessory-options.com, Bow neck scarf - www.asos.com, Ashley Olsen - www.justfillmein.com

These are all quite trendy styles and I doubt they’ll be in fashion in several years time, so try them out now if you’re up for a change! I’m a big fan of feminine dressing, which is why I ADORE these two bow styles. The one on the side of the head is great when your hair is out, and you can even tie the scarf under your hair (rather than over it like in this picture) if you’d prefer. The bow style around the neck is a different take to the casual triangle style I mentioned earlier, and is definitely more girly! Don’t be afraid if either of your bow styles look slightly messy, I think they look better like this, rather than prim and perfect. Ashley Olsen’s turban style is one I have not yet tried myself, but I am tempted as it looks so different and edgy! These styles all require thin rectangular scarves, as you need a lot of length to make these styles work.

Another bonus of scarves at the moment is that you can pick them up anywhere – at the chain stores, your local vintage shop, or even your Mum’s wardrobe. I reckon the best scarves are found in the latter location, as they’re from back in the day, so you won’t spot someone in the street with a matching scarf to you! Don’t be afraid to flirt with patterns or bright colours, especially with monochromatic outfits.

So, what are your favourite ways to tie a scarf?

xxx L

P.S – I want to thank my dear friend Mala, who sent me a beautiful birthday scarf which arrived in the weekend. J’adore.


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