November 9, 2009

Oh My, OPI!

After spending a girly weekend up at my version of the Hamptons (Te Horo), I found myself marvelling at the amazingness of OPI. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, you're in for a valuable lesson. OPI is probably the best nail polish brand out there. It's the polish that other brands look up to, one that has great colours, witty names, a reasonable price and most importantly, durability. I've used many different nail polishes in my time but none measure up: MAC - great colour, but lasts for two seconds; Chanel - gorgeous but who can afford?; Napoleon - lacking in a wide variety of colours; plus many more brands that aren't worth naming here.

Even the basic colours are amazing - I've outlined some of my favourites below. Bastille My Heart is a beautifully rich burgundy, perfect for spring & autumn. I've heard that you're meant to wear darker colours in the colder months and brighter colours in the warmer months, but I think this is up to the individual. Sometimes you need a pop of brights on your nails to make the winter less dull (or work less blah). This colour is a recent purchase of mine, one that I affectionately refer to as the blood colour. Below is another classic, ElePhantastic Pink. This actually looks quite different to the colour in the image below, think hot hot pink, rather than corally. The perfect colour for tanned little feet! The last is OPI's Breast Cancer polish for 2009 (oh OPI, you charitable thing you). Pink of Hearts is a pretty light pink colour, one which I've just ordered from my OPI dealer.

Image Source: Bastille My Heart & ElePhantastic Pink - www.opi.com, Pink of Hearts - www.suzisbeautyblog.com

These colours are slightly more daring than the ones above, as they steer away from the traditional pink & red glossy polishes, to something more dazzling. Done Out in Deco is part of the South Beach collection and is a beautiful lavender colour. It looks great with anything, as it's quite a soft colour. OPI have recently released a collection of matte nail polishes, one of which is in the Russian Navy colour. It looks great on and I can't wait to own this colour in matte myself (I'm adding it to my Christmas wish list now)! OPI has also launched a suede version of colours, slightly sparkly and jazzy (see the Lincoln Park After Dark example below) - perfect for the upcoming festive season!

Image Source - Done Out in Deco, Russian Navy (Matte) & Lincoln Park After Dark (Suede) - www.opi.com

Image Source: Russian Navy (Matte) - http://www.suzisbeautyblog.com/

I also discovered yesterday that OPI have teamed up with Dell (another brand I also LOVE), to make laptops which match your nail polish - how cool!!! I personally have a Dell (a pretty pink one) but one of these would be oh so chic...what will they think of next?

Image Source: OPI & Dell - www.opi.com

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine! What are your favourite OPI colours? Are you an OPI-aholic like me?

xxx L

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  1. Hay L,

    I completely agree with you on the durability of OPI. I myself am trying to stop biting my nails. A technique i use is by painting them every so often to put me off damaging their beauty - obviously i have my weak moments but OPI hangs in there and makes me feel like i should too! Sounds cheesy i know, but it realy helps. I tried a few othe rbrands but they are messy to deal with. I had a terrible experience with Revlon which stained my fingers for a week! Never again.

    My fav fashion item at the moment is maxi dresses. Having moved recently from NZ to Australia they are a necessity and there are so any options!

    Love your work - keep them coming!

    Elle xx