November 16, 2009

It's play time kids!

An item generally worn by children, the playsuit has come back into fashion, popping up in both elite designer boutiques and chain stores alike. A playsuit describes the top & shorts combo, while its longer counterpart (i.e. pants rather than shorts), is known as the jumpsuit / romper. I had a quick hunt around and was amazed at how many playsuits & jumpsuits are available for purchase these days. Most local stores have a least one of these in their summer collections, including Kate Sylvester, Country Road, Moochi and oh so many more! With a variety of colours and styles, I’ve outlined both some formal and casual options below...

ASOS has a great collection of jumpsuits and these two dressy ones just jumped out at me (excuse the pun)! The first is a stunning black jumpsuit with gorgeous jewelled shoulders (no doubt MJ would have approved of such fine embellishment). I can imagine wearing this jumpsuit while having cocktails with the girls, very SATC. The second is another stunning option – I especially love the sweetheart neckline and the fabric. This has no waist or hip gathering, so you’d have to be quite petite to get away with this one I imagine. Sass & Bide are one of my favourite designers and they’ve done well with their cute Please Don’t Go Romper below. It’s a little bit hoochie, a little bit summery and very dazzling! The neckline is so simple & seductive, it makes me realise why I love the designs from this Aussie duo so much!

Image Source: ASOS Jumpsuits - www.asos.com, Sass & Bide Please Don't Go Romper - www.shopbop.com

The following are slightly more casual and playful, hence the name playsuit! The first is from Miss Selfridge and is so cute & colourful that you couldn’t be in a bad mood while wearing this baby. I love the patterns and the pop of bright colours, plus the frills at the bottom make it especially feminine. The next is the cheapest option of the bunch and can be purchased from good ol’ Ezibuy. Denim playsuits are quite popular, but I think the buttons and shoulders would set this one apart from the rest. The next playsuit is my favourite one here as it is just so adorable! Stretsis have done well, from the cute pastel florals, to the flattering neckline, to the fact that you don’t need an uber tan / teeny-tiny waist to wear this. I want! (I also want the model’s sunnies!)

Image Source: Miss Selfridge Playsuit - http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/, Ezibuy Playsuit - http://www.ezibuy.co.nz/,  Stretsis Playsuit - http://www.maximillia.com/

I’m heading to Oz later this week so I’m hoping to find something along the lines of these fun wee suits above – maybe I’ll get a formal one, or perhaps a floral one, or I could get one for every day of the week! What are your thoughts on jumpsuits & playsuits? Are you as excited about owning one as I am, or do you think it’s all just a bit of child’s play?

xxx L

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