November 30, 2009

Shine baby shine!

Sequins are something that I’ve never paid much attention to, but those little sparkly circles have been catching my eye (literally) more and more of late. When I was in Aussie, I couldn’t swing a cat without seeing someone wearing a sequinned piece of clothing and when I was hunting for images for this post, I noticed that ASOS have an entire category for sequins! I now have a new-found desire to own something sequinned – a dress, a top, shoes or even a simple accessory! I want!

This first lot are dressier and more ooh la la than the ones below, as they’re designed for fabulous occasions...dahhhliiing! The pretty black shift is from Acne and is so simple & effective, plus it’s perfect for you black lovers out there! This Helen Cherry dress is the perfect party dress for the festive season! It’s definitely eye catching and would be a LOT of fun to wear (although this model looks like she’s having a bit TOO much fun haha)! I have three words for you - Sequin. Harem. Pants. Genius! Way to cleverly & fashionably combine two of the hottest trends in one, killing two birds with one stone much? I heart.

Image Source: Acne Paloma Sequinned Mini Dress – www.net-a-porter.com, Helen Cherry Sequin Mini Dress – www.helencherry.com, Full Circle Sequinned Harems – www.asos.com

Even though sequins seem dressy and jazzy, they can also be worn casually, as you can see from the clothes below. Look at this sweet snakey top from Sass & Bide, just a sprinkling of sequins makes this tee casual chic - perfect for a day at the beach! These DKNY sneakers are to DIE for as they pretty up street fashion, making it less grunge and scruffy. I can imagine skipping down the road in these babies, as they’d be so much fun to wear! If you’re into his & hers, then these cardigans from Stolen Girlfriends Club are for you!

Image Source: Sass & Bide ‘Dear Henry’ Zephyr Tee – www.superette.co.nz, DKNY Moore Sequinned Sneakers – www.net-a-porter.com, Stolen Girlfriend’s Club Sequin Cardigans – www.stolengirlfriendsclub.com

Of course, we can’t forget the King of Pop himself, who wore some STUNNING gold sequinned pants while rehearsing for his 2009 concert – legend. Maybe he’s the reason that sequins are oh so hot right now? Thoughts?

Image Source: MJ – www.thisisit-movie.com

Happy 1st December everyone!

xxx L

November 16, 2009

It's play time kids!

An item generally worn by children, the playsuit has come back into fashion, popping up in both elite designer boutiques and chain stores alike. A playsuit describes the top & shorts combo, while its longer counterpart (i.e. pants rather than shorts), is known as the jumpsuit / romper. I had a quick hunt around and was amazed at how many playsuits & jumpsuits are available for purchase these days. Most local stores have a least one of these in their summer collections, including Kate Sylvester, Country Road, Moochi and oh so many more! With a variety of colours and styles, I’ve outlined both some formal and casual options below...

ASOS has a great collection of jumpsuits and these two dressy ones just jumped out at me (excuse the pun)! The first is a stunning black jumpsuit with gorgeous jewelled shoulders (no doubt MJ would have approved of such fine embellishment). I can imagine wearing this jumpsuit while having cocktails with the girls, very SATC. The second is another stunning option – I especially love the sweetheart neckline and the fabric. This has no waist or hip gathering, so you’d have to be quite petite to get away with this one I imagine. Sass & Bide are one of my favourite designers and they’ve done well with their cute Please Don’t Go Romper below. It’s a little bit hoochie, a little bit summery and very dazzling! The neckline is so simple & seductive, it makes me realise why I love the designs from this Aussie duo so much!

Image Source: ASOS Jumpsuits - www.asos.com, Sass & Bide Please Don't Go Romper - www.shopbop.com

The following are slightly more casual and playful, hence the name playsuit! The first is from Miss Selfridge and is so cute & colourful that you couldn’t be in a bad mood while wearing this baby. I love the patterns and the pop of bright colours, plus the frills at the bottom make it especially feminine. The next is the cheapest option of the bunch and can be purchased from good ol’ Ezibuy. Denim playsuits are quite popular, but I think the buttons and shoulders would set this one apart from the rest. The next playsuit is my favourite one here as it is just so adorable! Stretsis have done well, from the cute pastel florals, to the flattering neckline, to the fact that you don’t need an uber tan / teeny-tiny waist to wear this. I want! (I also want the model’s sunnies!)

Image Source: Miss Selfridge Playsuit - http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/, Ezibuy Playsuit - http://www.ezibuy.co.nz/,  Stretsis Playsuit - http://www.maximillia.com/

I’m heading to Oz later this week so I’m hoping to find something along the lines of these fun wee suits above – maybe I’ll get a formal one, or perhaps a floral one, or I could get one for every day of the week! What are your thoughts on jumpsuits & playsuits? Are you as excited about owning one as I am, or do you think it’s all just a bit of child’s play?

xxx L

November 9, 2009

Oh My, OPI!

After spending a girly weekend up at my version of the Hamptons (Te Horo), I found myself marvelling at the amazingness of OPI. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, you're in for a valuable lesson. OPI is probably the best nail polish brand out there. It's the polish that other brands look up to, one that has great colours, witty names, a reasonable price and most importantly, durability. I've used many different nail polishes in my time but none measure up: MAC - great colour, but lasts for two seconds; Chanel - gorgeous but who can afford?; Napoleon - lacking in a wide variety of colours; plus many more brands that aren't worth naming here.

Even the basic colours are amazing - I've outlined some of my favourites below. Bastille My Heart is a beautifully rich burgundy, perfect for spring & autumn. I've heard that you're meant to wear darker colours in the colder months and brighter colours in the warmer months, but I think this is up to the individual. Sometimes you need a pop of brights on your nails to make the winter less dull (or work less blah). This colour is a recent purchase of mine, one that I affectionately refer to as the blood colour. Below is another classic, ElePhantastic Pink. This actually looks quite different to the colour in the image below, think hot hot pink, rather than corally. The perfect colour for tanned little feet! The last is OPI's Breast Cancer polish for 2009 (oh OPI, you charitable thing you). Pink of Hearts is a pretty light pink colour, one which I've just ordered from my OPI dealer.

Image Source: Bastille My Heart & ElePhantastic Pink - www.opi.com, Pink of Hearts - www.suzisbeautyblog.com

These colours are slightly more daring than the ones above, as they steer away from the traditional pink & red glossy polishes, to something more dazzling. Done Out in Deco is part of the South Beach collection and is a beautiful lavender colour. It looks great with anything, as it's quite a soft colour. OPI have recently released a collection of matte nail polishes, one of which is in the Russian Navy colour. It looks great on and I can't wait to own this colour in matte myself (I'm adding it to my Christmas wish list now)! OPI has also launched a suede version of colours, slightly sparkly and jazzy (see the Lincoln Park After Dark example below) - perfect for the upcoming festive season!

Image Source - Done Out in Deco, Russian Navy (Matte) & Lincoln Park After Dark (Suede) - www.opi.com

Image Source: Russian Navy (Matte) - http://www.suzisbeautyblog.com/

I also discovered yesterday that OPI have teamed up with Dell (another brand I also LOVE), to make laptops which match your nail polish - how cool!!! I personally have a Dell (a pretty pink one) but one of these would be oh so chic...what will they think of next?

Image Source: OPI & Dell - www.opi.com

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine! What are your favourite OPI colours? Are you an OPI-aholic like me?

xxx L

November 3, 2009

Scarf Me Up!

Silk scarves are a great fashion accessory – they’re cheap, versatile and classic. Any age can get away with wearing scarves, without looking like mutton dressed as lamb, or vice versa. The key is how to wear them to suit your style, personality and outfit. There are so many variations on how to tie a scarf (too many to discuss here), so I’ve mentioned some of my fave ways below.


Image Source: Karen Walker - www.30daysoffashionandbeauty.co.nz, Audrey Hepburn - www.greatmodernpictures.com

There are several ways to tie a scarf in which I’d call ‘classic’. Think Jackie O, Audrey Hebpurn, Greta Garbo - the elegant ladies of days past. It’s clear that this style is more mature & even more formal than the ones I’ve mentioned below. Karen Walker perfects this classic style, adding a preppy element by wearing her knotted scarf with a v-neck jersey. Audrey Hepburn’s look is very chic, especially with the addition of the big black sunnies that she’s about to put on. I picture myself wearing this style while being whisked away in a convertible to an expensive location by my lover (take note M)!


Image Source: Triangle scarf - www.asos.com, Bandana scarf - Manning a la Mode

This style is more laid back, think effortless chic. Tying the scarf around your neck loosely so that there is a triangle of material on your chest is a simple and easy way to dress up an outfit. Especially if you suffer from the syndrome of wearing all black (you know who you are), a colourful scarf tied like this is a great look. I like to wear my scarves this way, and sometimes I pull the triangle so that it sits on my shoulder (rather than my chest), as it’s easy to alter this style depending on your mood. I’m also a big fan of wearing the scarf wrapped around my head like a bandana – great for avoiding the frizz on those semi-rainy days. FYI, all of the styles that I’ve mentioned so far require square shaped scarves, rather than the thin rectangular ones, as they all need lots of material to work with.


Image Source: Bow head scarf - www.fashion-accessory-options.com, Bow neck scarf - www.asos.com, Ashley Olsen - www.justfillmein.com

These are all quite trendy styles and I doubt they’ll be in fashion in several years time, so try them out now if you’re up for a change! I’m a big fan of feminine dressing, which is why I ADORE these two bow styles. The one on the side of the head is great when your hair is out, and you can even tie the scarf under your hair (rather than over it like in this picture) if you’d prefer. The bow style around the neck is a different take to the casual triangle style I mentioned earlier, and is definitely more girly! Don’t be afraid if either of your bow styles look slightly messy, I think they look better like this, rather than prim and perfect. Ashley Olsen’s turban style is one I have not yet tried myself, but I am tempted as it looks so different and edgy! These styles all require thin rectangular scarves, as you need a lot of length to make these styles work.

Another bonus of scarves at the moment is that you can pick them up anywhere – at the chain stores, your local vintage shop, or even your Mum’s wardrobe. I reckon the best scarves are found in the latter location, as they’re from back in the day, so you won’t spot someone in the street with a matching scarf to you! Don’t be afraid to flirt with patterns or bright colours, especially with monochromatic outfits.

So, what are your favourite ways to tie a scarf?

xxx L

P.S – I want to thank my dear friend Mala, who sent me a beautiful birthday scarf which arrived in the weekend. J’adore.