October 16, 2009

The beloved band

Hello all, welcome to Fashion Fare! This blog is a way to express my opionions on today's fashion, beauty and other aspects that tickle my fancy! I hope you enjoy...

I thought I'd start off with the smaller items, accessories if you will, and ease my (and your) way into it. Recently, I've developed a love affair with headbands, no, not your basic alice band, but beautiful headbands with bows, feathers, flowers etc. I blame this affair on Blair Waldorf...and by blame, I mean, I'm grateful to her for introducing these beautiful arched items into my life.

Here are a couple that I'm loving to wear at the moment...

Feather headband - Equip, Flower headband - Red Current

and I really want to purchase one akin to this...

 Image source - www.winknyc.com
I also love tying a scarf around my head, with a big bow on top, but we'll save scarves for another post!
I've noticed a lot of headbands around at the moment lately, maybe Gossip Girl has had a bigger impact on our lives than we'd like to admit? I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this - what do you think about headbands? 
Have a good weekend!
xxx L

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  1. I agree!!! Headbands are so hot right now and all thanks to Blair. X O X O