October 26, 2009

Hello Hosiery!

Until recently, hosiery has been a rather bland, yet staple part of an outfit, a way of keeping the legs warm during the colder months while wearing skirts or dresses. However over the past few seasons hosiery has found a revival. Variations of tights and stockings started creeping onto the shelves, in an array of colours, patterns and lengths. Personally, I LOVE this new revival as tights are a great way to jazz up an outfit, changing it from a dull ensemble to a carefully crafted chic outfit.

The classic black opaques are a staple in any girl's wardrobe and now most girls also seem to own a pair of footless tights (which I'm not overly keen on). I'm a huge fan of white tights, as they help to break up the colours within an outfit, while making it look quite preppy, feminine and almost ballerina-like. I also love grey tights, as they appear less harsh with lighter outifits than black opaques do.

Take a look at some other styles that I'm loving at the moment...

Image source: Polka dot tights - www.oasis-stores.com, Pink tights & white lace tights - www.uktights.com

Polka dot tights are quite plain but they help to make an outfit more formal, a little Audrey Hepburn-esque. I'm liking the gradual change in colour of the pink tights, from strong pink at the foot, to white at the hips. They'd look great with a plain grey or black dress, as the colour of the tights would make the outfit pop! I'm in love love love with white lace tights, especially when paired with a feminine outfit, such as a structured dress and pearls - you could almost have high tea with the Queen in those pretties!

My Europe fashion correspondent has informed me that floral tights are BIG in Europe right now, especially as the northern hemisphere heads in the colder months of winter. I saw a few varieties of this style online, but these ones below were definitely my faves! I also found these leg warmers, not hosiery so much, but they were so cute I had to pop them in! I'm definitely getting some of these for next winter!

Image source: Floral tights - www.missselfridge.com, Leg warmers - www.urbanoutfitters.com

What tights are you guys loving at the moment?

xxx L

October 16, 2009

The beloved band

Hello all, welcome to Fashion Fare! This blog is a way to express my opionions on today's fashion, beauty and other aspects that tickle my fancy! I hope you enjoy...

I thought I'd start off with the smaller items, accessories if you will, and ease my (and your) way into it. Recently, I've developed a love affair with headbands, no, not your basic alice band, but beautiful headbands with bows, feathers, flowers etc. I blame this affair on Blair Waldorf...and by blame, I mean, I'm grateful to her for introducing these beautiful arched items into my life.

Here are a couple that I'm loving to wear at the moment...

Feather headband - Equip, Flower headband - Red Current

and I really want to purchase one akin to this...

 Image source - www.winknyc.com
I also love tying a scarf around my head, with a big bow on top, but we'll save scarves for another post!
I've noticed a lot of headbands around at the moment lately, maybe Gossip Girl has had a bigger impact on our lives than we'd like to admit? I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this - what do you think about headbands? 
Have a good weekend!
xxx L